Monday, August 11, 2008

Advanture Peninsular FunDrive 2009

Guys this past month me & few of my friends we thnking of having D Fundrive of the year. That will be next year in Febuary 2009. the trip will take around 8 days. Its will cover all states in Peninsular Malaysia. The best of all we will having advanture kind of drive, where we will do camping & explore new palaces that we never been. We will try to explore the kampungs , the farms ect. Hope this will be an exciting Drive of the year! will up date the progress of the project & when its happen i will up date with picture...

We will having another meeting toworrow agiang about this trip...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My 3rd day

Yesterday football was a draw..anyway its just a fun game...i got injured on my left knee again..thats hurts.....Today monday back to work...jams jams again on the road..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

my second day

Today morning ready for Futsal game..My team (group of parents) will play againts Teachers Team at Nusa Mutiara. Hope we will giving good games although i not really in football. The game is due to Teachers Day for this year..Happy Teachers Day!

My first day Blogging

Hai, to the world, tonight is my first posting in my blog...the world is getting small with this internet world. I hope to keep in touch to all people of the world. Sharing my life experience and my worderfull picture. Its a lots thing to share & to learn in this life that you cant get in the University. Life is full of challenge , faith, luck, advanture, lies, acting etc .